Creating an app project (with Figma)

Try importing this sample design file.

  1. In the Projects page, click the blue Import Figma file button.
  2. image

  3. In your Figma file, click Share, then Copy link. Make sure the permission for "Anyone with the link" is can view.
  4. image

  5. Back in Bravo, paste the share link of your Figma file. Click Import
  6. image

  7. Wait for Bravo to do its magic. It's transforming your Figma design into native app screens.
  8. image

  9. Once imported successfully, you will see a preview of the app screens created from your Figma file.
  10. 🧐

    Ran into an error? Check out the troubleshooting page.


6. Check out your app with the Bravo Vision previewer app. 🚀

Happy Bravorizing! 🥳